What is PlayRank Basketball?

PlayRank Basketball is the mobile community app for basketball fans. It’s an app that lets you rate players and share with friends while you’re watching the game. It’s simple to use and it won’t take your attention away from the game.

We have a lot of ideas (some already in development, some sketched out on napkins) for improving the app and growing the community. We want to make PlayRank Basketball THE place to share your opinions on the game alongside other fans just as passionate as you.

We have big things planned. Stay tuned!

How do I use PlayRank?

Whenever a player does something good or bad, rate 'em. The game doesn't have to be over. Heck, players don't even have to score. It's totally OK to rate someone highly for effort (or low for lack of effort). It's your impression of that player's play, right now.

Then head on over to PlayRank World to see who's trending up or down and who is leading the league. You can also look up PlayRank data for any player you like or see who your friends are rating the highest.

Why create PlayRank Basketball?

Because we’re fans like you.

We wanted something like PlayRank, but it didn’t exist, so we built it.

We’re looking forward to growing PlayRank with you, and together making watching sports an even better experience.

Are you planning to support (insert sport/league name)?

Our ability to support additional sports and leagues is dependent on a number of factors but we definitely want to.

I have a technical issue/a question not answered here and need help!

Send us an email. If you have a technical issue, please describe it in as much detail as possible. We love getting feedback!

Are you planning to port PlayRank Basketball to other platforms?

Our main focus right now is on making PlayRank as cool as possible on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. After that, we definitely want PlayRank's mobile community to reach as many fans as possible.